windows keyboard key interchange

Sometime your keyboard key interchanges/swap that means when you press “A” write “Q” in your computer . I get the solution of this problem. First i tell you why this error come in your computer. This error is comes when you change the language of your window mean normal Eng(US) to any other language like franch,UK eng… etc . This is going on when you install your window and fast press enter key for next and leave option for choose  language.Then no need to worry ,you can change language after installing.In window 7 and window 8 .

In window 7–>

  1. In window 7 go to your control panel
  2. You see search bar in upper right corner go there
  3. Now search “change key” and press enter
  4. You see results in this you click on “Change keyboard…”.
  5. After that you see new window and go to properties/option
  6. Here you change language to ENG(US)

(snapshot available soon)

In window 8—->

  1. Similarly go to control panel and change this to small icon .
  2. Now find language there and go to that
  3. Now you see other then English change this to english(US)
  4. When you click on that language you see keyboard language option change there language
  5. Now you have done your work

By these steps you can change language . If you have problem in this post write in comment .


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